Final Stop on the Road to the FIFA Interactive World Cup Final

The cliche saying is “Football is a game of two-halves”, but after watching the final qualifying event for the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup, I’d say it is now a game of two-consoles.

OL Rafsou, representing both Xbox and Olympique Lyon went head-to-head with ExpectSporting, who was representing PS4 and Brøndby IF. It wasn’t quite East vs West, Rocky vs Drago, or Red vs Blue, yet it caused emotions to stir that I’d not experienced whilst watching eSports for some time. Even though FIFA is a game about teams, the success and failings rest squarely upon the shoulders of the individual. In this case, after 24 players entered, 12 from Xbox and PlayStation both, it came down to the best of each console.

The success and failings were very present during the final, 13 times the ball hit the back of the net.

The first game took place on ExpectSporting’s home console. The PS4 version of FIFA Ultimate Team lacks the legends feature of its Xbox counterpart – FIFA 17 will be the last year this is the case, with Icons being in Xbox, PS4 and PC versions of the game in 18. – so the advantage was solidly in the half of ExpectSporting, at least on paper. Click here to see the goals from the first game. Rafsou took the game with ease, 4 goals to 2.

Time for another cliche “You couldn’t write this!”

The second game was over on the Xbox, with advantage landing with Rafsou. He had the 2 goal lead, his legends in play and the momentum of matches in his dugout. Click here for the goals from the second game, which ended up being a thunderous result of 6 goals to ExpectSporting to 1 goal for OL Rafsou. The final result after both games was 5-8, a shock by all accounts. PlayStation players had been the underdogs in previous tournaments, which Xbox having a much higher install-base in Ultimate Team. All that being said, congratulations to ExpectSporting! To say it was an emotional final is an understatement

Now to the Grand Final

Shortly after the final match, the draw took place for the Grand Final – due to take place August 16th to 18th. See below for the final draw.

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