First look at Battlefield V multiplayer

First look at Battlefield V multiplayer

During EA Play we got our first (short) look at Battlefield V multiplayer and the Frostbite engine looks as good as ever. But is it more of them same as previous years I hear you murmur? Well if it isn’t broke don’t fix it – but yes DICE have tweaked things further.

Smashing through windows you can quite literally get the drop on your enemies and catch them by surprise. I was always a fan of stationary weapons, but the problem with them is that they are… well, stationary. In Battlefield V you can move stationary weapons around the battlefield – in one scene one is even being towed by a truck.

Destruction is back and bigger (and better?) than ever – tanks were shown ripping through buildings, which was easily my favourite pastime in Bad Company. The best news is that there will be no loot boxes and no premium pass. Surely EA haven’t learnt their lesson?

Unfortunately – for me at least – here comes the massive sigh. Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield, although with Battlefield’s system I might actually enjoy DICE’s take on what’s becoming an oversaturated game mode.

More from Battlefield V is going to be shown of during the Xbox briefing with Nordly’s War Story – one of the single player stories. With the below trailer also featuring an Xbox One splash, it’s safe to assume there will be some form of exclusive Xbox content.

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