First Watch_Dogs 2 Online Event playable this weekend

Player of Watch_Dogs 2 are in for a treat as the first ever Online Event weekend is taking place from now till Sunday (16th January). This Online Event is the first of many to come and will give players a chance to play an altered multiplayer experience which will result in rewards and boosts on the Leaderboards.

“Survival Bounties” is the first online event and let’s just say your life has just got so much harder in the Bounty Hunter game. The main changes to the game are as follows, but remember this is only for this weekend and finishes on the 16th.

  • Damage to vehicles from cops, hunters, and vehicle collisions will be increased.
  • Damage to vehicles from cops or hunters using sniper weapons will be increased.
  • Now cops will be even more accurate with their shots with an improved cop-accuracy modifier.
  • Extra damage dealt to vehicles by cops will occur at further distances. Now cops don’t need to get close-up to deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Vehicle ramming damage between players will be increased. Watch out for those head-on collisions!

Therefore there’s very little chance for escape and your objective as the target will be to fend off as many cops and bounty hunters as you can for a big bonus. Bounty targets will receive a 50% leaderboard point boost for participating, and bounty hunters will receive a 25% boost.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to cause chaos in San Francisco.

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