For Honor Closed Beta content revealed

Ubisoft have finally revealed that For Honors next Closed Beta will take place from January 26th to 29th on all platforms. Over the four days, players will get the opportunity to experience new multiplayer content, new maps and new playable Heroes.

In the Closed Beta, players will be able to choose between nine of the twelve different Heroes from the three For Honor Factions, three of the five intense multiplayer modes, all fought over six tactical environments. So who will be your warrior of choice, the Bold Knights, the brutal Vikings or the enigmatic Samurai? If that’s not enough Closed Beta players will also have the chance to try out Faction Wars. Faction Wars is the global, persistent and cross-platform event that brings to life the ongoing war between For Honor’s three factions, the Knights, the Vikings and the Samurai.

In addition, Ubisoft has released SCARS, a new digital experience where every scar of every weapon tells the story of the intense and bloody combat fought against great warriors. Warden, Kensei and Raider warriors are brought face-to-face in 12 unique and exclusively-realised videos and all participants of the site are invited to customise the weapon that best represents their warrior souls. On completion of this experience participants will then be rewarded with a Closed Beta Code.

So what are you waiting for, access the new SCARS experience and earn yourself a place on the Closed Beta. Alternatively for further information about For Honor, check out the Official Website or if you want to sign up for the Beta then follow the link here.

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