For Honor Season Pass details leaked

It’s not only us who are eager for the release of Ubisofts For Honor, as it looked like someone accidentally posted on the official game website details of the various Editions available to buy and the Season Pass content. No sooner had it been posted, the mistake was realised and the content taken down, but it was just long enough for a Reddit user to take a few screenshots of the information. So what can we expect?

For Honor Season Pass

So the game will come in three flavors, Standard, Deluxe and Gold and with each one comes more and more goodies and for those who have trouble with the image here is a quick breakdown of the three versions.


  • For Honor Game

Deluxe – Contents of Standard and;

  • 3 unique helmet crests
  • Deluxe edition emblem
  • Special execution smoke effect
  • 7 day champion status

Gold – Content of Standard and Deluxe, plus the Season Pass contents which is;

  • 6 All-new warriors (plus 1 week early access)
  • Early access to new content
  • Exclusive sunbeam emote for all 12 warriors
  • 3 scavenger crates
  • Exclusive Emblem
  • 30-day champion status
  • Plus additional all new content

For Honor Gold Edition

As you can see Gold comes with the Season Pass but there is an important thing to note with this. The information states that you will get early access to new content and new warriors, not exclusive. This tells us that For Honor is probably going down the route of the very successful Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege series where all characters are available to everyone at some point but it might mean for non-Season Pass holders you might have to grind for them to unlock them. This means that no-one gets left behind because they don’t have a certain map or character, which has proven to keep the gaming community very happy in the long term. Therefore if you don’t have the Season Pass it won’t actually stop you from playing the game in any way shape or form.

Also the other thing to note is that the Season Pass includes Scavenger Crates, which in simple terms probably means Loot Boxes. This would explain why all the content and updates will be free as Loot Boxes have proven successful in generating more income for developers than Season Passes and content updates. Now there is a huge ongoing discussion around loot boxes, some people love them, some hate them, but let’s face it they are becoming more and more a part of modern game development, for example Call of Duty or Overwatch.

So is For Honor on your must buy list, and what do you think of the whole loot box debate, let us know?

For Honor is due out for the Xbox One and PC on the 14th February, but if you are still unsure then sign up for the up and coming Beta and get a feel for what is being described as the next big medieval brawler.

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