Forge Mode in Halo 4 – Confirmed Return and More

Curious fans can now relax as Forge Mode is set to return in the next instalment to the Halo franchise headed by 343 Industries. The super-creative addition to Halo 4 is being handled by Certain Affinity and is boasting an impressive set of new features.

Forge in Halo 4 will now allow players to lock placed objects on the map so that they can not be moved of place when adding other objects on-top of or near-by. New duplication tools allows for an easier and faster way to build structured bridges and roads. Objects can also be magnetised so as to make them connect to other objects in pre-set ways – no more spending all that time fine-tuning the manoeuvring process.

As well as a brand new lighting system to both cast shadows and have shadows cast onto all objects. Players can set “Player Trait Zones” to alter run speed, jump height, damage reduction etc during gameplay as they enter the zone.

Halo 4 is due for release on November 6th 2012.

Via the Verge and Cliptured

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