Forza Horizon – Rally Expansion Pack Review

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The Forza Horizion Rally DLC has landed and what a great expansion for what thisisxbox considers the best racing game currently available on the Xbox 360. Transforming the Colorado terrains with new roads to explore, an adventure filled with dirt and gravel, huge jumps and foliage to replicate a rally driver’s American dream with added Achievements. It’s a bumby ride, but a decent expansion that completes the Forza Horizon experience.

Currently available to download right now from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 1600 MS Points (free for Season Pass holders), the Rally expansion pack includes five iconic rally cars that can be played in both the Rally expansion and main Forza Horizon festival game. Take hold of the 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, a 1982 Lancia 037 Stradale, 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185, and finally the 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR. The new cars feature a Rally make-over with added Rally-specific upgrades that includes tires, suspensions, transmissions, and body kits specifically created to maximise each car’s potential on the varied terrain of the Rally expansion pack stages. Not only can you take each of the five new cars on the Rally expansion crash courses, but you can literally give a Rally-Make-over to any of the Forza Horizon cars to ready up your chosen vehicle for the bumpy journey ahead. If you want to shoot down the gravel laden hills in a Lamborghini – then so be it!


Wasting no time after a download of around 1GB, the Forza Horizon Rally expansion can accessed directly from the Forza Horizon main menu screen and puts you straight into a qualifying rally event designed to get you used to the new terrains that is a whole different experience from racing on an open road. The gravel, dirt and bumpy winding roads is a combined skill of precision and patience, yet mastering the speed required to win a Rally event is no easy feat. The Forza Horizon Rally expansion is about taking part in a series of qualifying events that eventually lead to a Final Race after you’ve earned your place. To make sure that you practice and qualify, you’ll race through a series of events in four stages where the next event is only available after you’ve earned the required credits and points. Every two stages seems to be a reverse mode of the current track – and it’s worth noting that unfortunately none of the Rally expansion pack terrains can be accessed from the main Forza Horizon Festival game in free-roam, it’s strictly a rally only menu option.

It’s considerably noticeable that the handling and driving experience with the Rally expansion pack is completely as you would expect from a rally event. It’s off-road racing at its best – harder, tougher to control the vehicles yet specific rally upgrades enable extra realism. Rally Tires allow for controlled slides without sacrificing grip on loose dirt and gravel, specially tuned transmissions feature shorter gear ratios, and springs and dampers are used to raise and soften the suspension for maintaining stability across the tracks. It’s also quite an expansion for Forza Horizon, adding seven rallies to the events list, but if you don’t have the patience to unlock them in order you can additionally buy a “Rally All Access Pass” for 3 unlock points (yes more money!) which will give you immediate access to all the rally events so that you can enter them in any order you like.


If you haven’t got the Season Pass to enjoy this DLC at no extra cost, then for 1600 MS Points the quantity and quality of the Rally expansion pack will add hours of extra replay value to Forza Horizon. The seven additional rallies, the five new cars, the ten shiny new Achievements and all that fun bundled into just one DLC package is most definitely worthy of the price tag. Not only has traditional racing been thrown out the window and replaced with a tougher, meaner off-road series of challenging events, but the game still manages to outshine the competition with stunning lighting and the most amazing scenic tracks in spectacular detail.

If you love Forza Horizon, then you cannot be without the Rally expansion pack!

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