Forza Hub app speeds its way to the Xbox One

While most of us were speeding around Europe on Forza Horizon 2 at the weekend, you may have missed the fact that the Forza Hub app has launched on the Xbox One.

The app is a great way to find out about new contest announcements to details on the latest DLC releases and much more. In addition to the news, the Welcome Screen will also let you know whether or not you have new Forza Rewards to redeem, I’m glad I looked as I had 600k credits waiting for me.

As well as all the latest news from the Forza team you can access the My Forza section of Forza Hub to check out eligible Rewards across all participating Forza games. The My Forza sectionwill show you your current Forza Score and Forza Tier Level (which you can expand for more detail), the nearest achievement you can complete in any Forza game, as well as the details on which Forza Rewards you can currently redeem.

There are plenty of hints and tips in there too, so its well worth checking out!

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