Forza Vista Trademark Suggests New Stats Tool For Next-Gen Title

Xbox 360


Ahead of the new-gen XBOX reveal set for tomorrow which can be viewed online at or via the console from 6pm BST UK Time, around 1pm in the US, a new trademark for “Forza Vista” has surfaced on the website from Microsoft.

It has specifically been trademarked for “a feature of interactive video game software which allows players to obtain statistical information of internal and external features of a vehicle and to virtually navigate and operate those vehicles.” This suggests that a new Forza game announcement should follow soon and that it’ll likely have Forza Vista as some Xbox Smartglass tool (more than likely).

Although nothing has yet been announced by Microsoft, you can bet your bollocks that as an exclusive Xbox franchise this will be announced alongside the new XBOX console reveal.

We can’t wait! Expect us to post all the announcements tomorrow following the reveal itself.

Thanks SiliconEra

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