Four Alternative Ways to Enjoy Your Favourite Xbox Icons

The Xbox is home to some of the best-loved gaming characters ever created, with anticipation often high for new titles in beloved series such as Hitman or Tomb Raider.

In an effort to keep fans happy while they wait, entertainment companies have often looked to move their best-loved properties into other areas to try and meet demand. So where else can you go to enjoy your favourite characters once you’ve exhausted the games?


While big screen adaptations of video games aren’t always successful, it is worth checking out some of the films just to see how characters have been brought to life.

The Resident Evil series of films has never been a critical favourite but is now the most financially successful video game adaptation in cinema history, while Assassin’s Creed didn’t garner great reviews but surely a movie starring Michael Fassbender is worth investigating.

Perhaps when it comes to films based on games the best may be yet to come. Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider films may be something of a guilty pleasure, but it will be interesting to see whether a reboot of the character starring Alicia Vikander is a critical and commercial hit.


Online slots may not seem like an obvious place to see your favourite console gaming characters but, as sites such as Pokies show, the area is a weird and wonderful world where the likes of Lara Croft and Hitman can rub shoulders with South Park, Guns N Roses and even James Dean.

Console gamers used to seeing the likes of Lara Croft in a more action-packed setting should not ignore the virtues of these games either, with the use of imagery, music and graphics from leading franchises to create an immersive atmosphere that often offers a unique experience.


The plotlines and universes created in leading gaming franchises often makes them ripe for further storytelling, with fans craving the opportunity to delve deeper into the worlds they know and love.

Novels based on Hitman, Halo and many others have been released and it is well worth checking out a list of the top five books based on games which has been compiled by Barnes & Noble. There’s more than just literature too, as many graphic novels based on games are available. A notable example is a prequel story for the Batman Arkham City game.


Of course, why just watch, play and read about your favourite titles when you can also wear them? As with sport, there’s no better way to showcase where your loyalties lie than with a t-shirt based on your favourite characters.

After all, the graphic elements of gaming make it ideal for the creation of some of fairly brilliant designs, whether you’re a Minecraft, Fallout or Call of Duty fan.

More than just gaming

For many Xbox fans, gaming is a way of life so it shouldn’t be a great surprise that entertainment companies have looked to leverage that by taking famous names into other media.

We’ve only scratched the surface here though, with gamers having a huge array of options when it comes to enjoying their favourite characters or worlds without a controller in their hand.

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