Funcom invites us to The Park


Psychological horror games are becoming more and more popular. There have been a few releases, like Slender: The Arrival, to games that are coming soon, like Outlast 2.

Funcom had entered the fray at Halloween, on PC with their offering, The Park. It’s been such a success that it’s been announced to be coming to Xbox One in the first quarter of 2016.

Creep round the eerie theme park in a desperate attempt to simply not die.

Funcom’s CEO, Rui Casais;

Encouraged by the positive reactions we have received on the Windows PC version, we are very excited about bringing it to consoles. Exploring a dark, sinister and frankly terrifying location from the comfort of your sofa, with the lights turned off and controller in hand is sure to be a very rewarding experience.

So, step into the shoes of Lorraine, a mother whose son has gone missing at the Atlantic Island Park. Explore the ruins of the funfair and face panic and despair as the story unfolds. Are you ready for The Park?


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