Galaxy Heist kickstarter brings pirates, space combat and FPS to Xbox One


Ever fancied being a space pirate, well here’s your chance.

ID@Xbox announced yesterday on their twitter stream about a kickstarter project being developed by Space Bear Development called Galaxy Heist. Planned for Windows and the Xbox One, Galaxy Heist allows you to engage in space combat with your friends, fighting with or against one another in Flagships. Each Flagship gives you the option to either pilot the ship itself, handle the weapon systems or take control of a drone fighter. When a Flagship loses all its power you can then board it and the game switches to a first person shooter.

The game’s development has progressed well but the team has now reached out to kickstarter so they can put the finishing touches to the game.

I think this game looks amazing so I do hope they reach their target and I for one will be happily backing this project, what about you?

For further information check out their website and the clip below.

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