Game changing patch to hit Destiny today

The much anticipated 2.0 patch for Destiny is set to hit today, bringing with it weapon balancing, exotic blueprints, collections, and much much more.

The download itself will require 18gb and 10gb of space for the Xbox One, and Xbox 360 respectively, and will be available to download at 10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm BST, so make sure you have your console set to instant on, to get that download started.

Along with the patch, the new Crucible modes, Rift and Mayhem will also be available for all Destiny players to try out in the Crucible Preview Event, until September 14. The Gunsmith will also start to offer weapon prototypes, and give players the ability to start gaining reputation with him.

Changes to how players level up will also come with the new patch, as light and XP values are split, resulting in Guardians chasing XP to hit the new level cap (34 on patch release, 40 on The Taken King release). Player’s weapons and armour defence and attack values will also be converted to the new light level values.

For full details on what is coming in the 2.0 patch, check out the Bungie Weekly Update from Thursday September 4.

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