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We all share something in common here; our love for video games. And if you are like me you probably sit in front of your TV, PC Monitor or handheld device and think ‘If it was me, I would have done this game slightly differently’. Well let me introduce you to Game Dev Tycoon a new title for Windows 8 devices.

GDT has been developed by Greenheart Games a newly founded company (July 2012) comprising of just two staff members; Patrick and Daniel Klug. Although Greenheart Games as a company was only founded earlier this year, GDT has been in development since 2011. Take a quick read of their website and you soon realise these brothers(?) have a huge love for Tycoon style titles with Theme Hospital being listed as one of Patrick’s all-time favorites.

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It’s 1980 and you have just set up a small desk in your mum’s garage. You keep hearing whispers that computer games are going to be the next big thing. You start on your long journey by first designing text games. Gain experience, fans, cash flow all whilst unlocking new research options in preparations to write your own game engine. As you slowly but surely progress with your career, given your game isn’t a complete disaster and you don’t lose all your cash reserve, new technology will emerge that you can take advantage of. New graphics, genres, game engine elements, hardware, accessories and more.  The game recreates some of the historical happenings in the gaming industry, including Nintendo’s NES system and the rise and fall of the Commodore 64 PC. To ensure that GDT doesn’t break any copyright laws, it cleverly goes about renaming companies. For instance, we have “Govodor 64”, “Vony Play System”, and “MS Boss”.

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Release a good game and earn praise for it from industry experts and magazines. Each new title receives review scores out of 10 within days of release. Get an 8 and above and expect to earn a good return from the games you produce. By earning a good profit from your hit games, you can move in to your own office, hire staff, train yourself and staff, and buy more advanced equipment. As you gain more experience, you become more efficient at your career. You can research new technologies and spend on marketing. You have the option of targeting audience, acquiring developer license for specific consoles, and even developing your own console. Add into that future goals of building a research lab resulting in new projects like GRID, an online digital distribution platform which brings in monthly revenue or what about your own MMO to rival World of Warcraft? It’s all here.

GDT stands out from the usual selection of Windows 8 games:

In Game Dev Tycoon there are no virtual coins that you need to buy. You don’t need to invite or bother your friends to be able to progress and developing a game or gaining experience doesn’t have you waiting for hours or days, it happens right in front of you.

A refreshing change when compared to games like My Country: Online which although draw you in with the FREE price tag, eventually end up costing you a month’s wages via in-game/app purchases.

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One of the great things about GDT is the fact it was designed specifically for Windows 8. It’s been designed to make the most of the platform and all it has to offer. You can use a mouse and keyboard or touch screen devices to play the game and once purchased it can be installed on up to 5 different devices that are lined to your Microsoft Account (LIVE ID). Another cool feature is that save games are automatically synchronized across devices meaning that new career you started on the train to work this morning will be available on your office PC. Amazing.

Game Dev Tycoon is a superb title. Although priced at £5.99, it should be a must have for all Tycoon genre fans. Simple yet fun and addictive. Massive 8/10 from me.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a Game Dev Tycoon trailer to share so instead what about some RollerCoaster Tycoon 3?

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