GAME Outs Ultimate Far Cry Compilation For Xbox 360


UK born-again-retailer GAME has outed an upcoming Far Cry Compilation for the Xbox 360. Ubisoft has made no official announcement of the new release which is set for some time during this year.

Although GAME has not unveiled anything specific other than a pre-order price of £39.99 – it’s a likely assumption the compilation could feature “Far Cry 2” and all released DLC, as well as “Far Cry 3” and all upcoming DLC with the compilation possibly being released in the later half of the year.

Unless Ubisoft is set to release enhanced editions of the first two Far Cry games for the original Xbox, we can not think what else it could be…

…if you have any other ideas – share your thoughts below, or alternatively check out our review of the most recent Far Cry release, Far Cry 3 if you have time to spare.

Thanks CVG

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