Games for Windows LIVE Closes July 2014?


Do you still even use the service? I can not remember the last time I logged into Games for Windows LIVE and even my memory of it now is still a little vague – it definitely was an Xbox form of MSN, was it not?

Anyway, moving on – Xbox Support via the game page for Age of Empires Online has given notice of the intended shut down for the Games for Windows LIVE Service as at July 1st 2014. On this date the servers will close down, forever! The notice was later removed, but a screenshot was captured online with the information.

With an increasing shift in focus for Windows 8 and a revamped marketplace in Windows 8.1, Xbox is proving to be a strong brand in its own right on PC platforms now with Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Xbox Games that it comes as no surprise for a discontinuation of Games for Windows LIVE.

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