Games With Gold – No Assassin’s Creed II or Halo 3 for July

Xbox 360


Major Nelson has confirmed that the FREE Games with Gold game for July is in fact NOT Assassin’s Creed 2 or Halo 3, but some cheap nasty Xbox LIVE Arcade game instead. Defence Grid The Awakening will be free on the marketplace for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers today.

Major Nelson tries to defend the E3 Press Briefing which heavily misled press and gamers to believe that the Games with Gold would start with Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.

However, from the video clip of E3 below, the exact wording used to describe Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3 as part of the Games with Gold was “and to kick off that program I’d like to share just two of the titles we’re going to offer over the next few months – Assassin’s Creed two, and Halo three”

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  • Godmars

    Seriously, is this how MS intends to go into the next console era? With blatant misdirection? Doing things which are worse than doing nothing in the first place?

  • Sarobi

    Not shocked. This is Microsoft’s way of giving the consumer “value”. Smh

  • Ghidoran

    I get that people are mad but Defense Grid is by no means some ‘cheap nasty’ title. As far as indie games go it’s actually one of the better ones.

  • DudeBro1990

    To be fair..he didnt say that those two games would be the first two.

    He said he would like to share two games that would kick off the program for the next few months.

    Still not as clear as it should be tho.

  • Axe99

    Well said – while it’s significantly lower profile than the two stated, it’s a quality game and not to be sniffed at :).

  • bruce strom

    Lol one step forward two steps back witg these fucking guys…

  • Godmars

    The point remains, MS should have been forward enough to announce the game ahead of time. Not release it then pull a, “Oh, you thought we were going to give you those other well recognized games first off? No those are later.”

    Honestly – and apologies, but – the only thing worse are those like yourself who are going to defend them in this. That more than likely since you’re promoting the game you either already owned or played it years ago.

  • caBooOm


  • Ben420

    whats worse is that M$ free Games with Gold deal is only until the end of the year. its not a permanent feature.

  • dapaintrain

    TBH i thought Halo 3 and AC 2 were not the best choices to start with due to the fact that these games are so old most 360 players will probably have them in there collection and if not then they can pick them up for $5 from ebay or second hand somewhere also Halo 3 hasnt aged all that great really go back and play it after Reach the graphics and game play feel pretty lose in comparison.

    But this XBL Arcade game seems like a middle finger to everyone that thought this would be MS answer to the PS + giving away AAA games each month sure Fable 3 was nice a enticing enough for me to pick up a one month sub (well actually i found a free month gold trial and used that to download).

    But i was hoping to get some great free games after AC 2 and Halo 3 which i already own both anyway but gamers new to the system probably wont and should experience.

    I wonder if there will be any more big budget AAA titles given away after Halo 3 and AC2 more importantly if any of these titles will be relativly new within 2 years of age.

    And i know i shouldnt feel cheated as a free game is a free game and they didnt have to give it away at all but to be honest i kind of do feel a bit ripped off im trying to see the bright side though in that it will take me at least another month to finish Fable 3 and by that time a new game should be announced for free and hopefully it will be a good one as XBL Arcade titles do not interest me in the slightest.

    But i cant help but feel cheated when in July PS+ get Battlefield 3 and Saints Row 3 and something else big for free and we get a arcade title why couldn’t MS do the same deal with EA to give us Battlefield 3 as well 🙁

  • dapaintrain

    I didn’t realize i fell pretty ripped off and i was just about to renew my gold Sub just for free games until this happened.

  • dapaintrain

    Yeah but isnt it just another tower defense game there a dime a dozen lately.
    And its allot lower profile then Halo 3 and AC 2 what with them being AAA retail console games and Defense grid being another arcade title most people will skip over even if its free.

  • gigantor

    misdirection, smoke&cloud$ -the way things R @ the magical world of m1cr0s0ft

  • ps4hereicome

    with that said I finally know what system to get ps4 here I come

  • PantherCrane

    THEY JUST LOST MY PURCHASE OF AN XBO! Why pull a stunt like this when your clearly not out of hot water with gamers? SMMFH!

  • The Dude

    Fuck you microsoft and fuck you larry hryb

  • Axe99

    Oh aye, don’t get me wrong – I’m generally very critical of MS, and have been since they moved to Windows 95 I think ;). I think Microsoft should be punished for another somewhat foolish PR mis-step (it’s like they’re a worst-practise case in PR at the moment), but that the game shouldn’t be tarred with the same negativity as MS’ poor performance. I’m not defending MS (easily my least-favourite platform holder, although they still make a decent platform), but Defence Grid.

    And have already played the game, on Steam, a couple of years ago I think (and it wasn’t new then) or I’d be silly to recommend it. Don’t get me wrong, their late-to-the-party and only for six months ‘Games on Gold’ looks pretty poor compared with PS+. Got Hitman Absolution on that just a few months ago – now that’s how to manage these kind of things ;).

  • bigevilworldwide

    The free game “program” ends in November anyway, the day the Xbox one comes out they already confirmed that there will be no more free games

  • bigevilworldwide

    Actually he literally said next 2 months….And the free games go away in November the day the xbox one launches SO Halo 3 will probably get left till then

  • bigevilworldwide

    It’s not even the end of the year it’s the exact day that the xbox one launches

  • bigevilworldwide

    I’m waiting to get one until I know for sure that they aren’t going to have another 55% failure rate on the xbox one, call me skeptical but I went through 5 360s this gen… And I want to make sure that the DRM isn’t going to comeback 6 months after they sucker a few million people into buying one….

  • randomm

    games with gold will end 31/12/13

  • Agreed… by giving away Fable III, announcing AC2 and Halo 3 as part of the program, they gave the impression it would be proper retail-type games given away, and not XBLA titles for Games for Gold.

    Wonder how many other XBLA games are in this? AC2 and Halo 3 could literally be the only 2 retail games and best of the bunch at that.

  • tommy

    You guys messed up now !! Pray you dont loose half your customers you unloyal dogs. I cant even begin to tell you how much money i fed the xbox franchise. Fuck this im goin sony.

  • karl

    Never trust corporate M$.

  • Fingleberries

    The emphasis is incorrect in your quote
    Your emphasis
    “and *to kick off that program* I’d like to share just two of the titles we’re going to offer over the next few months – Assassin’s Creed two, and Halo three”.

    The emphasis should be:

    “and to kick off that program I’d like to share just *two of the titles we’re going to offer over the next few months* – Assassin’s Creed two, and Halo three”

  • I’m highlighting why the confusion… it was the ‘to kick off that program’ that gave the impression those two were going to be the starting games over the next few months. If he hadn’t have said ‘to kick off’ then a ton of sites wouldn’t have been misled – and again, Microsoft are aware that EVERYONE assumed AC2 and Halo 3 would be for July. They in no way put this to rights anywhere or stated Xbox LIVE Arcade games are part of the program.

  • Microsoft shits on the UK

    “and to kick off that program I’d like to share just two of the titles we’re going to offer over the next few months – Assassin’s Creed two, and Halo three”

  • redgehammer

    Defense Grid is a great game with hours of content. You whiners crack me up.

  • redgehammer

    It’s a trial program, but plenty of things go from trial to permanence in this world. Until the program actually stops, it is premature to just accept it will because the Internet said says it will.

  • DarthDiggler

    LOL are you serious? I thought this was going to compete with PS+. Looks like it is usual MS Misdirection. I guess this is “I am sorry” for DRM. What a bunch of AssClowns!

  • Jok

    What an Infantile site this is. Just came accross it and found a bunch of sherbets whining over something that’s free. “It’s not what I wanted though, boo hoo” (Throws toys out of pram). OMG!!! I’m outta here never to return. Retards!!! Should never have been allowed to learn to read and write. Lol.

  • Redwin

    If Xbox stops the free game or movie monthly program, I’ll let my membership laps. DAM! I hate SONY, but it’s like MS is daring me and I tell you I turn off easy and I won’t look back.

  • nobonus

    anyone believe(d) M$ yet?

  • Hammad Khan

    Well guys, head on over the PS+ where we’ve gotten Uncharted 3, XCOM, Saints Row 3, Infamous 2 and Blood Festival, and just tons more. Not to mention the EU games which are Batman Arkham City, Deus Ex etc.

  • Godmars

    The funny thing there is – I want the physical copies of most of those games. Its great that you can get them for “free” and try them out, but I’m more of a have the title on the shelf kind of gamer.

    Then again Sony certainly comes as being more honest and direct in what they do, and PS+ offers than just “free” games, but really, they’re not wholly innocent. Are in it mainly for the money just like any other company.

    Then again, they attempt to present to give you your money’s worth, if not more, when you buy their products. They don’t ask for more just to get basic or promoted services then directly manipulate you like MS seems to be in the habit of doing.

  • Thomas

    how the fuck are we going to expect better from microsoft if they just keep on throwing shit at us! Up your game man! or most of us will be moving to psn!

  • tom

    He did state a date actually thats why we are all pissed

  • Steve

    At least it’s a game I don’t already own… People get so hyped up about PS+ or this new offering from M$, and I’m just like “If I wanted those games, I’d have bought them by now.” For the most part, I bought all those games day one–the only one out of the list of PS+ freebies that I don’t have is infamous 2, and that’s because I hated the first one, so why would I care?

  • Steve

    …and you know a lot of Playstation fans that didn’t preorder Uncharted 3? The only reason I haven’t got a PS+ account is that I they still haven’t announced a game I want that I don’t already own. I kind of wish both systems would do non-AAA games, since there’s no way I’d have waited this long to buy any of the games offered if I was interested in them in the first place.

  • Steve

    Upset that X360 is offering Halo 3 and ACII because anyone that wanted them would have bought them by now.

    Feels cheated that PS+ is getting Battlefield 3 and Saints Row 3.


  • You clearly have anger issues.

  • Daniel Hoffmann

    I feel throw up about these ignorant ppl at ms. Psn plus is 100time better!

  • I couldn’t actually agree more. I have read some great things about this game. And I would much prefer to play this over Halo 3. What a great chance to try something new that you normally wouldn’t bother with.

  • Marcus Stanley

    They’ll will conviently forget halo and ac2

  • Hilandr

    I am done canceled my subscription today fuk ms

  • Marcus Stanley

    It isn’t like they didn’t know everyone thought that ac2 and halo3 were to be released first. They could’ve came out on their apology twitter and just corrected everyone weeks ago, but no this hype gave them made them look better after the xbone. Too bad this will make them look even worst. That being said I will try the random no name game they mentioned, as a lot of arcade games are pretty good

  • Jason Mounce

    Step 1: Try to sound generous at e3 to make a high note to compete with Sony

    Step 2: Fuck every single consumer over and ditch original ideas, flip a switch and say “Fuck you, give us more money! We are Microsoft-Almighty!”

    You guys wonder why many prefer Sony over Microsoft? It’s for many reasons that they feel appreciated for being a ‘Fan’ or consumer. How does one simply bend over and keep forgiving Microsoft? Seriously…


  • James Bauer

    Some of you are acting like they promised the cure for cancer, and delivered cold medication instead…some of you need to tone it down a notch.

    As long as the games in question (Halo3 and AC2) are released before the program is officially over, I really don’t see what all the huffing and puffing is about. Are these games somehow more epic to play in July, rather than September? In my eyes, many of you are making a big deal out of essentially a non-issue – it’s like many of you want to be mad at MS, so you find things that give you a reason.

    If after the program ends and there is no sign of these games, then you can do your bitching, but until then, you’re kinda jumping the gun here. Of course, if and when the games finally do release, people will bitch that they should’ve been available months ago, instead of being happy that they are available in the first place. Some people aren’t happy unless they have something to bitch about.

  • James Bauer

    But it isn’t a AAA title, so its value of being available for free isn’t worth as much…

  • Im with you on the feeling cheated – it felt like MS finally offered something a little similar to PSN+ and then bang, chuck a cheapo on us all – no one was expecting and Xbox Live Arcade game… no one!

  • hahaha yes… next months free game will be Dorito’s Crash Course!

    oh wait!!!!

  • Robert

    My problem here is that MS did nothing to quell the news that Halo 3 and or AC2 were to be released on July 1st. Normally this would not even anger me, but after the whole X1 disaster one would think that MS would be Johnny on the spot in avoiding any more PR disasters. I bought 3 months of Gold thinking that come July I would get 2 amazing games for free. If I knew it would be DFG I would not have bought Gold as I do not play MP nor do I need the multimedia.

  • Nicht Du

    LOL,MIcrosoft the NOPE-SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ihr seit einfach nur lächerlich und ihr macht mir die Entscheidung sehr einfach zu wechseln.

  • Xbox Support confirmed both AC2 and Halo 3 for July previously on twitter…

  • Hannibal G

    Its cool that you can buy all triple a titles that come out each month but not everybody can. And i think you are missing the point, its not that Sony is releasing games that YOU already own, its that they are releasing fairly new titles and hot titles, Uncharted 3 was the lastest in that Series, Xcom only recently came out, Saints Row the 3rd is the latest one in that series. Where as Halo 3? Really? When we have Halo Wars, ODST, Halo 4 all after it? AC 2? Really? When we have AC BH, AC Revs, AC 3 and soon to be AC 4? And they give us AC 2 for free? I think thats what most people are complaining about is that the two “Special” titles are insanely OLD.

  • Brandon Hofer

    Great move! Cancel a service when they start handing out free games. See ya!

  • Daniel Beverly

    I have been defending Xbox One and Microsoft over and over, But now I’m seriously considering jumping ship to the PS4 instead. Too many wrong turns by the powers that be over at Microsoft.

  • Daniel Beverly

    That game looks like trash and when I look at what I can get over in Sonyland, I get a little sick.

  • That game is trash, believe me – I have been getting stick for saying it’s cheap and nasty via email, facebook – but I don’t like it…

  • Hammad Khan

    I agree, nothing beats physical. But for $50 for all these, I’d say its worth.

  • Goheels999

    Total BS! Why. Even get our hope up?

  • joe

    Fuck ’em

  • Guest

    “and to kick off that program I’d like to share just two of the titles we’re going to offer over the next few months”

    Reread this sentence and tell me where MS pledged to offer AC2 and Halo3 first.

    I’ll be waiting.

  • James Bauer

    The problem is where people read “kick off the program.” Since “kicking
    off” something generally means to start it. People likely saw that
    phrase and then saw Halo and AC, and tied them together to mean the
    program would be started with those games being available, however, that
    isn’t really what is being said.

    What is being said is that they will kick off the program by merely
    mentioning 2 games (Halo3 and AC2) that will be available in the coming
    months. The wording could’ve been better on the part of MS, but they
    didn’t really mislead anyone – the misdirection is really people
    misleading themselves, by seeing what they want to see and not taking the time to comprehend what was actually said.

    It was never actually stated that those games would be available this month.

  • Gamergirl

    iv’e just now started playing AC and once i heard they were giving the second one out for free, I said i’ll download AC 2 and and also go out and purchase Brotherhood and play them one after another


  • Aksion

    Wow what a fail on “journalism”. First off his tweet never confirmed that it wasn’t going to happen, just that the dates hadn’t been confirmed. Someone with a elementary education could read enough to see it was only talking about a related to a release date. And this author tries to clown on cheap nasty arcade games even though this week games like BL2, FC3, TR, Forza Horizons and other current titles were on sale for $10-$20.

    It’s articles like this that makes “gaming journalism” a clown show like Fox News or CNN and uses drama to get views. If you’re going to try to have a career with reporting industry news, get it right and take it more seriously before you look like an ass.

  • This post was written long before the sale announcement. The free game on July 1st is nasty and a let down. I stand by it that to kick start a games with gold promotion, where a LOT of people had paid a lot money over the years and some generally considered this the closest they’ll ever get to matching PSN+ for just a few months, to then be dished out an old rancid arcade game like that is a let down.

    Good news though on AC II for July 16th.

    This post was not using drama to get views… I am of the impression that all posts here get views and the monthly uniques have averaged the same amount every month for some time. In the logical order, people view the post before realising what the content is – the views come first….

  • Vasilibox 720

    Um… AC2 is part of the Games with Gold promotion for July and will be released July 15th.

  • Tyler

    It blows my mind that after around 7 years of not giving us anything free and still making us pay that only now that people are crying about it……and its when they finally are offering us free stuff.
    also Halo 3 kicks ass……

  • sbs138

    funny…i downloaded AC2 in July.

  • Stuart Smith

    We’ve already had Assassins Creed 2 and Halo 3 so obviously BS