Games With Gold Will Start for Xbox One in June

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games with gold

Games with Gold was first launched as a promotion last year as a reward and as a build up to the launch of the Xbox One for Xbox 360 users. The promotion which gives one AAA title and one XBLA title per month for free to those with a Gold level subscription. It was deemed a success and it continued long after the release of the Xbox One but those who did make the move to next gen Xbox gaming, have been waiting for Games with Gold to apply to them.

Announced last week alongside the reveal of the new Kinect-less Xbox One option, June will see the launch of Games with Gold for Xbox One users who have a Gold subscription. It will start with MAX: The Curse of Brotherhood and HALO: Spartan Assault.

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  • Forza420guy

    It is going to be nice to actually get free games that are good. I have ps4 also and all their free games are garbage except for 1 game so far…PS+ is trash compared to xbox live. I have to be honest…my ps4 is collecting dust…the xbox one games are better by far. Forza, Dead Rising, plants vs zombies, kinect sports, and Titanfall are all fantastic. Cant wait for sunset overdrive ! Looking to sell my ps4…not sure why people are buying it…the games are weak.

  • Wildheart Scott

    I purposely didn’t buy either of these games incase they were gwg games. So glad I stuck to my plan! Both games look great.

  • MasterGammer

    i has Spartan assault…. good game, but was hoping for ryse or something :/ next month!!!!

  • Paddy

    Ryse is on the list for the new deals with gold promo that starts next month along with Forza and apparently some others. Ryse is currently $45 on Amazon, so I’m guessing it will be available for $20 or something close to that. That’s still a pretty good deal for a game that is only 6 months old in my opinion.

  • Paddy

    I don’t get a lot of time to game these days, so I’m definitely looking forward to this promotion starting up on the XB1. I’m not terribly excited about Spartan Assault, but I have heard enough good to give it a try. I’m very excited about Max though. That one should be fun to play on night where I only have a short window.

  • I don’t have Halo: Spartan Assault so I will be looking forward to that. Max C.o.B is actually ok too, but it gets boring half way through