Games Workshop’s Dark Future is nigh

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Games Workshop properties have seen a resurgence recently in the world of videogames, with dozens of titles hitting all platforms exploring some of the most popular table top games in digital form. However, one upcoming title that you might have missed is Dark Future: Blood Red States, which was revealed back in May 2015.

Dark Future 1

Being developed by Auroch Digital, Dark Future: Blood Red States is set in an alternative, bleak America, in the year 2023, where life is tough and gangs pimp out their vehicles with deadly weapons to do vehicular battle against each other. You are part of a sanctioned ops agency looking to tear down these gangs for bounties.

Dark Future 4

There’s no confirmed release date yet, but originally it was due to hit digital shelves Winter 2015, so release is likely imminent. Until then, however, the Auroch Digital Twitter @AurochDigital is keeping the tease alive with concept art, so be sure to check that out as well as their original trailer below:

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