Gaming Harlem Shake’s You Might Just Love – Or Hate


It’s quite possibly the most annoying thing to hit the tubes since Gangnam Style, but The Harlem Shake is doing the rounds, it’s here and quite possibly to stay for a few more weeks yet – so we deliver upon you some of the best gaming Harlem Shake’s from around the web… well, Youtube and also in no particular order, but we rather like the Skyrim version a lot!

Halo 4 Harlem Shake:

Gears of War 3 Harlem Shake:

Skyrim Harlem Shake:

Dead Island Harlem Shake:

Call of Duty Harlem Shake:

Tomb Raider Harlem Shake:

Minecraft Harlem Shake:

Crysis 3 Harlem Shake:

Battlefield 3 Harlem Shake:

Kinect Harlem Shake:

If you have a favourite, share with us in the comments box below… or shake it out!

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