Gaming on the Go: the Xbox Mobile App and More

As the use of phones and similar hardware grows, so too does the way you can use them. Gaming is one area experiencing a steady rise in popularity as mobile devices contain equatable power to many PCs and consoles.

Popular Types of Mobile Gaming

Digital downloads grant everybody with an internet connection the means to buy games outright, and a new wave of game developers are taking advantage of this fact. You’ll find app stores, and sometimes even game subscription services, flooded with clones of popular games alongside AAA titles.

Gambling, too, is something that’s finding a growing audience in the mobile market. Many reputable online sportsbooks and casinos now offer standalone apps. Some of these even come with special mobile-friendly offers, which we’ll look at below.

As for mobile games, one of the most common types you’ll come across is free-to-play. Sometimes referred to as ‘pay-to-play’ or ‘pay-to-win,’ as these titles often lock content behind a paywall. Sometimes a company will employ microtransactions as a way for the developers and publishers to make money.

Microtransactions come in many forms, from cosmetic upgrades (like new character skins in Halo Infinite) to boosts that give you a (potentially unfair) advantage over other players. 

The latter is something EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II famously came under fire for. The former also saw backlash directed towards Microsoft, which may be one reason Halo Infinite is no longer a flagship title for Xbox Series X/S.

Platform-Specific Apps

Everyone has their preferred game company or console, with Xbox and Playstation going head-to-head for players’ hearts (and wallets) for years. As the products evolve, there are new ways to take advantage of technology. Platform-specific apps are one example.

Xbox has both the Xbox Mobile App and Game Pass. The Mobile App lets you connect to the wider Xbox community even when you’re nowhere near your console by sharing screenshots and chatting with your friends’ list. The Game Pass is a subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of titles.

Not to be outdone, Playstation offers the same type of apps, with its mobile application letting you download PS Store purchases to your Playstation. Its PS Plus subscription service also gives players a wealth of games to choose from.

Special App Benefits

Since there are so many gaming apps around, companies need to find ways to entice you to choose theirs over others. In the case of the Xbox Mobile App, the competition they provide takes the form of remote gaming. You can play any title on your Xbox on a compatible mobile device, with no additional downloads necessary. 

EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team app targets a specific game’s fanbase and offers exclusive rewards. Playstation Plus lets you share games with your friends, even if they don’t own a copy. 

Then there are apps that offer money-based promotions. For example, gambling apps regularly run mobile-only bonuses for new players. You can check out this page for some free spins no deposit UK offers, or take a look around the web for relevant apps.

The Future of Gaming on the Go

In terms of where mobile gaming is headed, there’s no denying that the free-to-play model is becoming the norm, as are game subscription services. Some developers focus on making their games free-to-play without sacrificing quality or content, such as miHoYo’s RPG Genshin Impact.

Software companies, like Microsoft, have the right idea by eliminating the gap between console and phone. Ultimately, which gaming app you go for can often have a lot to do with brand loyalty, but if you’re not picky, there’s a wide variety of titles out there to choose from. 

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