Gamious releases iO on Xbox One today


If you’re a little lonely this Valentine’s Day, you can console yourself with the newly released Gamious puzzle title, iO.

This offering from the Netherlands based developer is known for being a little bit on the difficult side. The physics-based puzzle-platformer will definitely keep your mind off this traditional day for couples.

Originally conceived for Ouya, iO was later released on PC and mobile. Featuring over 225 devious levels to try to roll your way out of. The idea is to get your, erm, rolling wheel thing, to the warp exit on each level. It’s not as simple that sounds though. You’ll need to use speed, skill and intelligence to navigate through to the end.

Strip away distractions and get back to the essence of logical thinking and puzzle solving with pure gameplay and basic but functional graphics. Overcome physics-based challenges using weight, speed and momentum while shrinking and growing your ball. Navigate through a universe with elements like physics-based objects, portals, contraptions and inverted gravity. Will you be able to master them all?

Race through each level as fast as you can to try to shave fractions from your time, go for gold and become the top medallist on each of the hundreds of levels.

You’ll be able to get your ringless, single-player hands on iO today, for the measly price of £6.39 (or equivalent).

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