Gears of Ultimate gets Gnasher fix

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It’s the update we have all been waiting for, The Coalition have announced that a title update is coming to Gears of War and the Gnasher is finally getting the improvements we have all been waiting for:

The developers say:

We wanted to improve the Gnasher by focusing on producing a consistent shot, so players can better predict and estimate the damage they are doing to opponents. We’ve done this by changing the Gnasher from a randomized pellet spread to the same shape spread. This will help reduce occurrences where you do less or more damage than expected, and also help players calculate their damage expectations during gunfights more accurately and consistently.
Additionally, we’ve also removed the “Idle State” from Multiplayer, which could result in your first shot landing off center if you hadn’t aimed or fired your weapon after a small period of time.”

There are plenty of other fixes too, including improvements to Annex and spawn locations on certain maps, the full notes can be found on the Gears of War website.

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