Gears of War: Judgement – First Details

Going back a few months now, April 2012, we reported that Gears of War: EXILE had been scrapped for a more favourable development route of a full blown retail prequel from the developers: People Can Fly, who have previously brought Bulletstorm to consoles. We and our trusty industry sources were correct as Gears of War: Judgement set to be revealed at E3 2012 this week is a prequel set 15 years before the original Gears of War.

Gears of War: Judgement focuses on the fan-favourite character Damon Baird, Cole and two other members of Kilo Squad – Sofia and Garron Paduk who find themselves in trouble after disobeying orders. The story is set to be delivered in parts by the testimony that Baid and the others give during a trial, with the action and gameplay taking place through flashbacks.

It goes without question that multiplayer will heavily feature withing Gears of War: Judgement, but for the first time ever in the Gears franchise it will introduce a class-based system:

  • Baird (Engineer) – Equipped with Gnasher and Blowtorch. Special abilities include sentry turret, blowtorch repairs and damaged fortifications.
  • Cole (Soldier) – Equipped with Lancer and Boomshot can deploy ammo crates, toss ammo to Engineer to give him infinite blowtorch ammo.
  • Sofia (Medic) – Equipped with Lancer and Snub Pistol and has a “stim gas gernade” that revives downed allies when tossed around them.
  • Garron (Scout) – Equipped with Longshot and Snub as well as a beacon gernade. Can climb perches for better sniping leverage.

A brand new multiplayer mode called “OverRun” is a combo of Horde mode and Beast mode where you play a competitive multiplayer match based on the rules from the other two modes.

The Locusts available in the OverRun mode are.

Role: Leap over hazards, clim perches.
Special Ability: Stunning scream.
Tip: Travel in packs and stagger screams for maximum stunnig power.

Role: Eat fortifications, eat grenades, detonate.
Special Ability: Speed boost.
Tip: Can be kicked over barriers by grenadiers.

Role: Hammerburst rifle, heal friendly units, ride bloodmounts.
Special Ability: Chain heal.
Tip: Support valuable units like Corpser and Mauler with healing.

Role: Lancer rifle, ride Bloodmounts.
Special Ability: Frag Grenade.
Tip: Throw grenade at COG turret to cause deadly explosion near enemies.

Role: Melee enemies/fortifications, be ridden by Grenadier and Kantus.
Special Ability: Halve the cooldown time on rider’s special ability (passive)
Tip: Carry a mounted Kantus behind cover while his heal recharges.

Role: Devastate fortifications and COG soldiers with flail and shield.
Special Ability: Spinning spike shield.
Tip: Aim the reticle at enemies while shield spins to deflect bullets back at COGs.

Role: Eat through barriers, destory COGs, ranged support.
Special Ability: Spit poison.
Tip: Have two Serapedes overlap to protect one another’s vulnerable rears.

Role: Demolish fortifications and COGs with heavy melee.
Special Ability: Burrow and move underground.
Tip: Armored legs reduce damage from the front.

More details will be announced during E3 2012. We’ll keep you posted.

(Via Examiner & Epic)

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