Gears of War: Judgment – Lost Relic DLC For June

Gears of War: Judgment – Lost Relic DLC For June

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Gears of War: Judgment is set to expand its multiplayer offering with a new DLC pack this June. Titled “Lost Relics”, and not some form of Tomb Raider cross-over, the pack includes four new maps, a new single objective gametype, new armor and new weapon skins.

The Maps are Checkout (from Gears 3), Lost City, Museum and Overrun exclusive, Ward. Additionally a new game-mode will be included by the way of “Breakthrough” which sounds like a lot of fun. It’s a single-objective game that features two teams with very distinct roles: one team has possession of a flag that they must deliver to a set location; the opposing team has a purely defensive role and unlimited resources. The attacking team must break through the enemy team’s defensive line and deliver the flag before their pool of lives run out.





Via EpicGames