Gears of War 4 may update brings back Carmine

The May update for Gears of War 4 has dropped and Carmine has be reborn.


This month brings a brand-new map designed by The Coalition in Dawn, along with the first returning map from Gears of War 2 – Security!


Gears 4 - Dawn Map

Set in a stunning Outsider village built around an abandoned mining colony, Dawn is a map defined by two defensive structures – the high ground of the bar, and the entrenched mine on the low side. Prepare for a new kind of fight centered around the vital Dropshot spawn, as it’s surrounded by both high and low flanks and features a risk-it-all one-way vault to secure the weapon.


Gears 4 - Security Map

Fans have been asking for Security since the launch of Gears of War 4. The Coalition has worked extensively to bring this map up to modern graphical and gameplay standards, with improvements that incorporate Gears 4’s close-cover combat, Horde and proper support for respawn-based modes like TDM.

This new reimagined setting for Security takes you to a fight over a glorious decadent COG depository, with stacks of gold bars providing makeshift cover throughout the map. Defensive lasers bar access to key parts of the map, so prepare for a tough fight for the button that disables the lasers to give your team control over the flow of combat.

Multi-GPU Support Arrives on Windows 10

Multi-GPU support arrives with the May Update for our Windows 10 players. The Windows 10 team have been hard at work implementing support for users who use multiple graphics card setups, and now fans can take full advantage of their setup to really push the visuals of Gears of War 4.

Looking Forward

In Gears of War 2, the plucky Benjamin Carmine met his horrible end inside the Riftworm. This month, you’ll be able to find Benjamin Carmine back from the dead in one of the May Gear Packs as Zombie Ben Carmine – complete with his missing lower torso innards.

Gears 4 - Zombie Ben CarmineThere is a a bunch of other content that you can read about on Xbox Wire.


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