Gerald of the Year Awards

2016 is well underway and what a year it’s lining up to be. Some of the biggest AAA titles we have been patiently waiting for are scheduled for release this year, but before we run away with what’s coming up let’s have quick recap of 2015 from the Game of the Year Awards.

  1. Great scot, Gerald. 166 GOTY picks! This Game has proved to be a slayer of Monsters taking the world by storm and fighting off some very stiff competition.
  2. Fallout finds its due. 36 of the GOTY awards from around the world went to the wasteland wanderer, and rightly so, for anybody familiar with slaying super mutants I’m sure you’re happy to find Fallout up here.
  3. Sneaky Snake slips with 23 awards given to the king of stealth. A great game warmly received by fans of the series and new players. This stellar title has earned its place amongst the greats of 2015.
  4. Bloodborne bashes its opponents into submission. 19 picks for this. A valiant effort for a console exclusive, with a consistent 9/10 and 5 Stars from reviews. It is plain to see this deserves its top spot.

What. A. Year. Now let’s get into 2016.

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