Get brutal in Rock Band 4’s new game mode


Who’s been having fun in the lounge with Rock Band 4 then? Have you been finding it just a smidge too easy? Harmonix have decided that it’s time to melt some faces.

In the December title update for the game comes an all-new game mode for those of us who are brave (or stupid) enough to play on Expert. Brutal Mode gets added in a new sub-option on it’s own from Expert and promises to make the game tough, or as we call it in my lounge, impossible.

Brutal Mode will modify the note track, responding to how well you play. The better you are, the harder it will get. Master this shredding skill and you’ll earn some crimson stars as your badge of honour as well as some seriously aching fingers.

Brutal Mode will be available for single and multi-player, just in case you’ve gathered a whole band full of sadists to try to conquer this insane section.

To take full advantage of this super-fast mode, three new intense metal tracks are to be added to the Rock Band Music Store, priced at £1.59 / $1.99 each.

  • Between the Buried and Me – “The Coma Machine”
  • Opeth – “Heir Apparent”
  • Symphony X – “Nevermore”

The free December update for Rock Band 4, including Brutal Mode, will start to roll out on the 8th of December and also features some other gameplay tweaks, like auto-kick mode for you drummers, variable breakneck speed and improved instrument calibration.

Full details on the update can be found on the Harmonix blog here.

Have a giggle at the attempts to conquer Brutal Mode, below. Are you metal enough to try it?