Get carried away with Tinertia


If I told you that there’s a platformer coming out without an option to jump, you’d think I was more bonkers than you already think I am. Well, check out the trailer below, for Candescent Games’ new space platformer, Tinertia, as it has exactly that; no jump button.

You play as lonely robot Weldon, stranded on a planet controlled by the evil ARC. This ARC has identified Weldon as a threat and is determined to destroy the unassuming little robot at all cost. Weldon will have to propel himself through a variety of industrial environments in order to escape.

To do this, you will have to master the art of rocket-jumping, as Weldon has a powerful rocket launcher arm. This will pose the gamer the quandry of gauging momentum, rhythm and speed to avoid obstacles, blast through walls and generally escape the bad guys.

There isn’t simply the one player story mode to play either, even if there are seven environments and over 70 levels to play in it, oh, no. Tinertia will also offer Ultimate Challenges including speed runs, rockets runs and the #YOLO mode, where Weldon only has one life.

There will also be a ghost run mode where you can try to best your friend’s top score and go up against a ghost Weldon to try to gain that extra advantage.

Tinertia will be coming soon for Xbox One.

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