Get ready to take Fermi’s Path


Making music driven arcade games is a concept that’s been around for a little while now. There’s always one developer somewhere who’ll take it and add their own spin to it.

GameArt Studios are that developer this year and they have just announced Fermi’s Path.

This classic arcade game will see you, dear gamer, as a small particle, called Fermi, being steered on a voyage through a sub-atomic world of obstacles, other particles and a whole rainbow of colours.

Feel the beat and use your skill and quick reactions to avoid a messy end. The game will feature an Infinite Mode, for you to rack up those high-scores.

Already out on Steam, Fermi’s Path is coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program this summer At the moment, this looks to be in the US and Canada only.

We’re busy trying to confirm if it will be heading to the UK and Europe, so watch this space for more.

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