Ghost Recon Future Soldier: World Premiere Gameplay Trailer

The world premier Single Player gameplay trailer of Ghost Recon Future Soldier is now out… hell yeah! Shaping up to be one of the best looking first-person-shooters of the year – check out the all new video below…

Only the best of the best, soldiers with a unique mix of skills on and off the battlefield, ever get to wear the coveted Ghost insignia. Equipped with the most advanced combat technology, the Ghosts track down the highest-value targets in the highest-risk conflict areas around the world, fighting from the shadows in any climate or terrain.

In the near future, four of these elite soldiers serve as the tip of the spear in a hidden war raging across the globe. But even as Ghost Lead, Pepper, 30K, and Kozak accomplish their objectives, they discover the threat they face is greater than they ever imagined – one that could alter the international balance of power forever.

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