Gigantic goes Eternal in new update

Gigantic continues to plod away on early access via Xbox’s Game Preview program – and we think it’s awesome – receiving frequent updates that bolt more in to the game. The latest update, which is available to download now, includes a new hero, leaderboards, a new creature and Eternal Light weapon skins.

Eternal Update is the name given to the patch and the newest hero in town is cosmic hero, Zandora, an Eternal from Star City. Favouring the lance, Zandora is a melee/support class who can buff herself and her team and is available for free for those that bought the Founder’s Pack.

Check out her finer traits:

  • Star Lance Strike: Melee attack combo. Hitting extends active AURA.
  • Aura of Strength: Damage all enemies in melee range. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies deal +10% basic attack damage.
  • Aura of Haste: +8 Stamina. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies move 10% faster.
  • Aura of Life: Cleanse debuffs from nearby allies.  AURA (3s): You and nearby allies regenerate 25 health/s.
  • Focus Skill: Vow of Shielding: Give a 600/800/1000 HP shield to you and nearby allies for 4/5/6s.  Hitting with your basic attack restores 75 HP to the shield.

The update also introduces a competitive leaderboard, which tracks your wins/losses versus the quality of your opponents you face and ranks your skills accordingly.

Storm Drake, a new creature, also joins the fray with a lightning attack that will ripple through enemies that stand too close together. Lastly, should you master a hero and hit level 10, you’ll be able to purchase a new ‘Eternal Light’ skin for your weapons.

So it’s quite the update for Gigantic – if you haven’t done so already – check out the game, it’s free, and is easily the best MOBA I’ve played!