Golden Axe Reborn – The SEGA Game That Never Made It To XBLA

It probably all started with the 2.5D Sonic the Hedgehog success (or not), and although the latest classic SEGA game heading for the Xbox LIVE Arcade is Mickey Mouse in the great MegaDrive hit Castle of Illusion in the next week or so. It has been discovered that other games on SEGA Australia’s hit list for a current gen scrub up was Golden Axe, Shinobi and Streets of Rage – but their story was to be tied into the same universe under a SEGA Reborn studio.

The Unity pitch trailer for the Golden Axe game that never was is shown above – and the whole idea for the three titles to link together set in the same universe will never happen. We love sharing the good news, at least you get to save a few quid on games you might have just bought for nostalgic reasons.

Move along…

Cheers Kotaku

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