The Golf Club 2 gets an E3 trailer

The Golf Club 2 has a brand new E3 trailer for you to check out below. The trailer spotlights two features being introduced as a direct result of fan feedback A single player Career Mode as well as online Societies. Players will now be able to climb the ranks to the upper echelons of elite golf clubs in Career Mode. Players begin their journey at small, local links and must hone their skills in these small competitions to earn their way into finer, more prestigious clubs and challenging tournaments.

Societies will form the backbone of both Career Mode and general competition. You’ll be able to create and run your own multiplayer societies with their friends, or join existing Societies that fit your skill level and playstyle.

Societies can have their own logo, clubhouse and unique identity. Individual players can represent their Society by hosting online tournaments, where Societies will buy in to compete for prize pools. Winning these tournaments rewards players with in-game currency that can be used to improve clubhouses and host larger, more challenging tournaments to see which Society has the skills to rise to the top.

If you spent any time making course in the first Golf Club game, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can import the courses into The Golf Club 2. These courses can then be played immediately online, or creators can use the enhanced features and tools of the improved Course Editor to create more authentic tournament experiences by including additional details to courses, dynamic crowds of spectators and more.

The Golf Club 2 is currently in development from HB Studios and will be published by Maximum Games on 27th June.

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