Grab some Metro bargains in this week’s Deals with Gold

Xbox One’s Deals with Gold will certainly catch the eye of one or two of you or, at least they should! Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux get a 40% discount, or you can pick them both up as part of the Redux bundle and save 50% – they are well worth your time!

For a change, it’s the Xbox One that gets the better haul of deals too with additional appearances from the Metro bundle and Defense Grid 2… ok so I’ll admit to clutching at straws here!

The deals are available until April 20. Remember to check your local territory for availability and pricing.

Xbox One

Metro 2033 Redux Xbox One Game 40%
Metro: Last Light Redux Xbox One Game 40%
Metro Redux Bundle Xbox One Game 50%
NHL 15  Xbox One Game 50%
The Evil Within Xbox One Game 50%
Defense  Grid 2 Xbox One Game 75%

Xbox 360

Metro: Last Light Games On Demand 50%
Metro 2033 Games On Demand 50%
NHL 15  Games On Demand 50%
The Evil Within Games On Demand 50%


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