Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One Listed Online At Retailers

Xbox One


Long rumoured, not exactly confirmed in any official capacity, but an online retailer (well known in its locale) has started taking orders for Grand Theft Auto V on next gen platforms. This being Xbox One and PS4 with an image of the supposed box art as shown above.

GTA V for Xbox One is priced at around 1629 Czech Republic Karuna on SuperGamer which equals around £50.00 in GBP for UK gamers. A screengrab of the site in detail is shown below:

gta v xbox one 2

Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One, PS4 and PC are all likely to resemble each other very closely and feature more explicitly intricate detailing visually than what you see on Xbox 360 and PS3. It would be a great move to release such a massive title as this on our next-gen systems, so should anything get confirmed from Rockstar Games in the coming weeks, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks: TheArabGamer

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  • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

    I really hope this is true as I will buy it again that’s the one game I miss from trading in my 360, the graphics upgrade will look nice but I know the online would be more stable as the next gen is geared around MMO’s 🙂

  • I honestly believe it is very much true – it makes sense if a PC game is coming too since it’s all ports of the same game. Better visuals, better stability. I too miss GTA V since I sold my 360 to help pay for Xbox One.

    I so want this…

  • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

    I was the same traded in my 360 all my games and peripherals to make the money for my X1, but this is one game I would happily pay for again apart from that they should be able to make the online bigger to as in more players 🙂

  • Mark Cardwell

    Only way I get this is if it’s 10 bucks to upgrade to next Gen like Ghosts was if you bought the 360 version.

  • Yeah that would be a good offer, but I would be surprised if it happened!

  • Agreed – for me the online part on 360 felt clumsy. More players, crisp clear visuals, stable servers … I’m excited already haha… Rockstar need to announce this officially soon.

    I would expect them to confirm or deny this by the end of this week to be honest!

  • I don`t see that happening. We`ll all be paying full price.