Be a Grandmaster in Pure Chess on Xbox

Pure Chess

Chess. Its probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Xbox One gaming. Ripstone are looking to change that thought process, however. They’ve announced that the multi-million selling Pure Chess will be coming to Xbox One very soon in the form of Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition.

The game will feature exclusive chess sets, comprehensive tutorials and an in-depth ELO ranking system. This will be the definitive digital chess title, and you won’t have to be Garry Kasparov in order to play and enjoy it. The tutorials will teach you the basics, leading to more advanced techniques. It will feature online ranking and 100 puzzles to sink your teeth into.

This iteration of the game will be launching simultaneously on Steam and Xbox One and will feature cross-platform play with the Steam community, meaning that you’ll be able to challenge any one of the 2.5 million existing players. It’s not all about online head-to-head though. Jump into a single player game with the intuitive AI and show the game who’s boss, or ramp up the difficulty with 10 AI tuning levels.

Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition will also feature six stunning locations to get to grips with as well as three tournaments that will include ratings systems and ranking boards.This really will be the definitive way to play and learn chess.

Originally developed by VooFoo Studios, Pure Chess has been a huge hit and the opportunity to introduce it to Xbox was too good to miss. Add in the exclusive chess sets, like the Easter Island heads, and Ripstone are almost guaranteed to have a Grandmaster in the making.

Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition will be starting the timer from the 9th of September. Your move, Deep Blue.


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