Grunge DLC coming to Rock Band 4


It’s about that time again. Time for a Grunge revival. The genre that peaked in the ’90s holds a special place in my memories and was formative in my musical taste development. Harmonix have been busy, looking at the best tracks they’ve yet to release from three of the Grunge scene’s best-loved bands. They’ve come up with three corkers too.

Releasing on the 19th of January are:

  • Soundgarden – My Wave
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Wicked Garden
  • Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike

From these three, my personal favourite would have to be Stone Temple Pilots. The recently departed Scott Weiland’s vocals are haunting in this career-defining track. Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell belts out My Wave from the band’s massively popular album, Superunknown. This release is rounded off with Grunge supergroup Temple of the Dog’s Hunger Strike. This track from 1991 features dual vocals from Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder in a track that promises to test even the best vocalists in the gaming world.

These tracks will cost £1.59/ $1.99 each when they become available on the 19th.

Until then, sit back and enjoy.

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