GTA Online and the World’s Continued Fascination With Casino Gaming

GTA Online and the World’s Continued Fascination With Casino Gaming

Grand Theft Auto V may have launched for Xbox 360 back in September 2013 and then for Xbox One around a year later, but even now the title is continuing to do so well. Last year, even described it as the most financially successful media title of all time, outlining that it had sold – at the time – 90 million units and had generated in the region of $6 billion in revenue.

Of course, one reason why it continues to endure is the addition of new content through the multiplayer mode GTA Online, with Doomsday Heist for example being just one of several storylines which have been added to the game over time. Now, a casino addition to the title is set to launch this summer and anticipation is high as to what it will offer.

The Diamond Casino & Resort

At the end of June, RockstarGames ended months of speculation by confirming that The Diamond Casino & Resort is set to open in Los Santos this summer. No exact date has been put on the release, but it has been confirmed that the casino will be a “new luxury destination” and will offer a range of different features.

Life-changing prizes are expected to be on offer with a spin on the Lucky Wheel, while bars and lounges are set to showcase a range of different drinks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a range of table games will also be available to visitors who head to the new entertainment complex.

More details on the casino, which will be located between Vinewood Hills and the Tataviam Mountains, are expected in due course but it is fair to say that excitement is high regarding the imminent addition to the game.

A thriving casino industry

It certainly seems to make a lot of sense that Rockstar would finally make the move and open the casino. After all, the Grand Theft Auto games are steeped in adult themes and it is fair to say that such an establishment would fit the bill in that regard.

Furthermore, back in the real world, the casino industry in general is thriving at the moment and interest in the area has arguably never been higher. While land-based sites continue to do well, the rise of online gaming has had a major impact and ( that the online gambling market could be worth $94 billion by 2024.

As highlights, a host of different online casino sites have emerged in recent years and they are all now battling to attract players by offering not only a range of different gaming experiences but also an array of welcome bonuses. Put simply, it is a thriving and hugely competitive area.

Glitwz and glamor

When all that is considered, it is fair to say that the world continues to be fascinated by the glitz and glamor of casino gaming. With that in mind, it is perhaps not a major surprise that Rockstar would look to bring a bit of that style to the world of GTA Online.

It will be fascinating to see what The Diamond Casino & Resort offers players and whether it may even encourage a few gamers to go on and try their hand at the real thing.