GTA V Online: Rockstar To Take Action Against Cheaters

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Rockstar have always been active when it comes to cheating and use of exploits to gain extra RP levels and GTA $ in GTA V Online. Today they took to Twitter to announce that their next wave of “anti Cheating” measures will being today:

The support page has the following Q&A section which explains how, what and when they will begin cleaning up GTA Online of cheating spoils:

Question: I heard that Rockstar Games is taking action against players who cheated to gain illegitimate RP. Is this true?
Answer: In order to keep Grand Theft Auto Online fair for everyone, we are removing illegitimate RP from the accounts of players who hacked or modded to get ahead.

Question: Is this a one-time RP correction or an ongoing process to identify cheaters who cheat to gain levels?
Answer: Both. The first round of RP correction will occur on 5/20/14 to remove illegitimate RP all the way back to GTA Online’s launch in October 2013. After that, we will be running continual, automated sweeps to identify and correct RP violations.

Question: How much RP will be removed from affected accounts?
Answer: We currently plan to revert the Ranks of affected accounts back to the approximate level they were before the violations occurred.

Question: My little brother’s cousin’s best friend was visiting my house in December 2013 and somehow did something that increased my Rank to 1000. I had nothing to do with it. So I don’t mind the Rank correction, but will my account face any other action?
Answer: We don’t plan on taking further action beyond RP reduction when the first round of correction hits on 5/20/14 for players whose accounts show limited modification. But please be warned: accounts found to be hacking or modding to generate illegitimate amounts of RP after 5/20/14 will be subject to further action at our discretion, such as time in the Cheater Pool or Bad Sport Pool. Repeat offenders may also have their accounts reset, experience bans, or have all their GTA$ removed (other than unspent Shark Card funds).

Question: Will corrected accounts still get to keep money and other items gained since the violations?
Answer: Yes. In the first wave of corrections, only RP will be affected. GTA$ and other items will not be affected. However, accounts that incur RP violations after 5/20/14 may face further action.

Question: I gained a ton of RP in 2013 without hacking or modding, by taking advantage of certain mission bugs and exploits before they were fixed. Will my RP be adjusted?
Answer: Your RP should only be adjusted if you participated in mods, hacks, DNS redirects, manipulation of cloud files, or other similarly nefarious behavior. If you grinded short legitimate missions or otherwise gained a small amount of RP without modding, your RP should not be affected by this correction.

Question: I know of a new exploit players are using to gain an unfair advantage in GTA Online. How can I report the method as well as the players using it?
Answer: Please submit all the details to Be sure to include the Platform, Gamertag or PSN ID of reported players, description of the violation along with steps, time/date of the violation, and any concrete evidence you have such as online video or forum links.

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  • Animal

    Great…. Now my game keeps freezing

  • Animal

    I am amazed to see how many dropped below level 70…. shame

  • They reset me back to level 12 and I was level 126. I never hacked or anything at all.

  • Ouch

    They did the same thing to me. They reset me back to the level i was just before those two special weekends of double RP. I gained about 25 levels by playing an all coveted playlist continually… which was downloaded off the social club. All done legit. I dont have a clue how to mod or hack. Yet, i still see 500 and 800 levels on other players with all their stats low. Ie. steath, driving,flight skills etc. by the time i was 100 all my skills were maxed . Guessing by Rockstar standards, they got their levels legit. Yeah right.

  • exinthevatican

    Haven’t been affected and I’m currently on Rank 118.

  • djready

    this is fucking retarded for people whos friends fucked them over

  • Geowgie

    Great, now maybe they can fix the bugs they introduced with this “Bug-Life” 1.13 patch, and maybe remove that horrendous disaster called “Mental State”.

  • R* will, of course, screw this up like they do everything else these days.

  • zac

    my ex is an alien bitch trying to humiliate me with her creepy after life trollness. she has no life but sit in a computer chair at the rocstar servers that lazy alien slut

  • zac

    my ex is just jelly Tuesday shame. period..