Guitar Hero Live to unveil new features at SDCC

Guitar Hero Live to unveil new features at SDCC


Those folk at FreeStyleGames like to celebrate a good Comic-Con. They’ve announced that their highly-anticipated Guitar Hero Live game will be playable at the San Diego Comic Con.

In particular, the game will be showcasing the Hero Powers that form the boosts for your shredding skills.

Hero Powers replace the Star Power function from the previous versions of Guitar Hero and are billed to be much, much cooler. Hero Powers, firstly, will affect different areas of gameplay. They can be activated to give a boost to your score while playing solo or to give you a competitive edge while in multiplayer. You’ll still need your guitar tilting skills to activate them though, that hasn’t changed, or, if you prefer, you can hit the new Hero Power button on the new controller.

During the game, you’ll acquire currency, which can be used to buy various Hero Powers. Before each song, you’ll be able to choose your power of choice, so pick wisely my hard-rockin’ amigo. Unlike the previous Star Power though, these new boosts are ready to activate when you please, there’s no waiting for a power meter to fill up.

There are seven Hero Powers to choose from:

  • Clear Highway – Removes all immediate notes from your highway instantly and all notes count as hits.
  • Double Multiplier – Your score multiplier doubles for the duration of the power.
  • Dial Down – Temporarily reduces note frequency on your highway, giving you a breather during hectic solos but preserving your multiplier.
  • Dial Up – Temporarily increases note frequency on your highway, giving you a chance to increase your score.
  • Score Chaser – The maximum score multiplier is temporarily doubled.
  • Invincibilty – Temporarily hits all notes, and missed notes do not register

I’m really looking forward to the 23rd of October, when Guitar Hero Live is released on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

I wish I was going to the SDCC as any attendees with a valid event badge can actually get their hands on the new axe and play the game. It will feature in the Xbox Lounge at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, where fans can shred away from this Thursday to Sunday.