Gunscape launch announcement



Blowfish Studios have confirmed they will release their world-building/first person shooter hybrid,  Gunscape, on Xbox One on September 9, 2015.

In Gunscape , gamers can create, share and enjoy their own levels in addition to discovering and playing maps created by others. Gunscape takes all the most memorable elements from early 90’s shooters and places them in a toolkit which can be used to create single player, co-op campaigns or competitive multiplayer environments.

Those interested in a straight-forward shooter experience can leave the creation tools to others while they focus on blasting their way through hordes of monsters or battling other players.  Alongside Gunscapes Online multiplayer, is their local  split-screen supporting up to eight players on PC and Xbox One.

Unlike most previous games in this genre which required gamers to send levels to one another directly, Blowfish Studios have set up centralised servers where content can be downloaded by everyone regardless of platform.

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