Halo 4 Beta is Fake – Like You Could Possibly Have Believed It

David Ellis, one of the guys over at 343 Industries who are keeping Halo Waypoint and soon to launch the awesome Halo 4 has announced via twitter that the batch of Halo 4 Beta Invites going around on the internet – are indeed FAKE!

Not that we want to laugh at those who believed it, but the unsuspecting could be misguided into parting with their account details to take part in an upcoming Beta for Halo 4 set to be released this Fall. Trust us, if there was a Halo 4 Beta – we’d be all over it before you could say Master Chief!

As always, stay alert over anything and anyone wanting you to provide them with sign up information. If there was any such Beta it would be on the Xbox Marketplace and most certainly informed to the Halo Waypoint readers – Are you still using that?

Quoted by @DavidEllis

If you see a page claiming to allow you to sign up for a Halo 4 beta be advised, IT’S A FAKE.

Followed by a sidespliting, pee-in-your-pants-hilarious, laugh until your breathless, OMG WTF that is just to god damn funny video to follow the announcement…

Ok, so a little over the top… did you laugh?

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