Halo 4 Enemies Watcher and Crawler Outed Via Toy Box

Xbox 360

McFarlane Toys packaging for their upcoming range of Halo 4 action figures has outed two new enemy types within the game – Watcher and Crawler!

From the back of the box image as found on AGB: Watcher appears to resemble a giant insect type creature with wings and Crawler looks like a form of lizard with legs, and a yellow tinted head. Both appear deadly and maybe official announcements will come in the run up to E3 (or during).

The Halo figures is one of McFarlane’s most successful licensed lines ever, and have been known to disappear almost as soon as they reach store shelves! All toys feature insane detail and off-the-charts articulation – look out for the Halo 4 toys this Fall.

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