Halo 4 – Free for All and SWAT Coming With Playlist Updates

Halo 4 is set to receive a weekly playlist update soon that will see popular modes from previous Halo games go live within the latest franchise release.

Quoted by 343 Industries:

“We will maintain a static set of playlists and feature one or two “rotational” playlists on top of that,” Shea wrote on Halo Waypoint. “We will be monitoring trends and statistics closely so we can react accordingly to your preferences and likes. For instance, if one of our rotational playlists consistently holds a higher population than one of our static playlists, we will consider swapping them out based on player demand. The process will be fluid and based on numbers, and we’re extremely excited about the benefits of our new approach.”

343 Industries Community Manager, Jessica Shea has confirmed via twitter that the Free for All mode will go live within the next few weeks. An exact date has not been revealed, but it doesn’t imply that it will be part of next weeks update.

Quoted by 343i Community Manager, Jessica Shea:


Thanks: Examiner

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