Halo 4 Playlist Update LIVE – Spartan Ops: Episode Three and Team Snipers

Halo 4, do you remember that game since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II – is it sitting on your shelf gathering dust already – or – do you find the time to equally share some love on both? To further your Spartan Ops journey, the third set of missions has been added to the mix and a new, old-favourite game type returns to Halo once more, Team Snipers!

Spartan Ops: Episode 3 continues the story of the UNSC Infinity and the Spartan IV’s dealing with Masterchief’s aftermath on Requiem. This week — Some call Dr. Catherine Halsey a war criminal, others believe her creation of the Spartans saved humanity from extinction. Whatever you believe, right now she is the UNSC Infinity’s only hope to understand the mysterious artifact retrieved from Requiem, and she needs your boots on the ground to get more intel.

Let’s watch a trailer together: