Halo 5 is the guardian of new sales record

Halo5 (4)

Halo 5. It’s had to have been one of the most anticipated Xbox One titles since the hardware was released.

This has been reflected in the first week’s sales figures. Halo 5: Guardians racked up a record-busting $400 Million in sales of software and franchise-related hardware, outstripping even the latest Bond film’s takings here in the UK by more than £1 Million.

This also pushes the overall takings for the franchise, from conception, to over $5 Billion in it’s lifetime. $5 Billion!

It’s not the only impressive stat that the Master Chief can boast. Halo 5 now holds the title of fastest-selling Xbox One exclusive so far.  It was also the most played game on Xbox Live last week. Fans have logged more than 21 Million hours of total gameplay, with 12 Million of those on the campaign alone.

The only thing that’s missing would be a Guinness World Record, right? Well, the Halo 5: Live event won that accolade for most watched video game launch broadcast with an impressive 330,000 unique viewers and more than 5.5 million total views throughout the week.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, is understandably proud;

The success of Halo 5: Guardians is a testament to the innovative work from the entire team at 343 Industries to bring this installment to Xbox One and the incredible community of fans who have come to love the story, characters and gameplay central to the franchise. The game represents all the possibilities of Xbox One and has earned it’s place as the anchor title of the greatest holiday games lineup in Xbox history.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now, are you enjoying it?

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