Halo: The Master Chief Collection title update incoming

halo mc 1

343 Industries’ uber-useful blog site, Waypoint, has updated details on the next title update for The Master Chief Collection.

Although the update is brief and doesn’t contain too much in the way of detail, it does point out that the next update should be hitting consoles “..in the next few days” as it is currently in final testing.

This is detailed to include:

  • Halo 4 playlists
  • Team Hardcore playlists


The entry also confirms that Team Hardcore will launch initially for Halo 2 Classic variants only, with Halo 3 maps and games types being introduced in a future update. Also in progress are Team Snipers, Team Doubles and an objective-only playlist, although for further details, we’ll have to stay posted.

Matchmaking, parties and other community items are also being updated for future releases as tweaks and fine tuning are applied to the overall experience.

Look out for the next title update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, coming soon.

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