Halo Warthog For Sale In London – 17,500.00 GBP

Halo Warthog For Sale In London – 17,500.00 GBP

Somewhere in London there resides a real-life Warthog, sadly without the turrets – but if you’re a real huge Halo fan with the cash to splash then a Warthog can be yours for £17,500.00 which has been put up for sale on Twitter by Peter Cooper.

Pete Cooper was previously mentioned in the media for creating the props and vehicles – including the legendary Warthog which is now for sale, as he had the intention of making a Halo 4 film in the UK. He was or possibly still is looking to raise around £30,000 to fund his project, called “Operation Chastity.”

With the Warthog now up for sale – what does this mean for “Operation Chastity”? Maybe it’s been scrapped altogether or the funds from the Warthog will help with the creation of something even more awesome related to fan-made Halo media…

If you want to contact Peter Cooper about the sale of his Warthog – fire him a tweet.

For more information about “Operation Chastity” head on over to the facebook page for support.

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