Halo Week – Drop Shock Launches on Xbox LIVE


Calling all Halo 4 players, the Castle Map Pack launches today which includes three medium to large maps, emphasizing vehicle combat over large open spaces. Get downloading now if you haven’t already – actually if you haven’t already there’s a sale on very soon!

A new ranking system called CSR (Competitive Skill Rank) has been introduced; this ranking system is from 1 to 50 Players who manage to reach a CSR level of 35 or higher while playing the Castle Team DLC playlist during Halo week. They will receive an exclusive Avatar tee.

Here’s a run down of the week of Halo content:

Tuesday, April 9 – The Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Volume 2 gets released. This is a 20 track digital release which also contains a new version of “Never Forget” from Halo 3. More details here: www.halo4soundtrack.com

Wednesday, April 10 – Throughout Halo week there will be a number of Extra XP challenges. There are 14 daily and 6 weekly challenges, extra XP can be earned by competing in any of the modes in Halo 4. For more details on the challenges, see here on Thursday: http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2013/04/11/Spartan-Ops-Promotion.aspx

Thursday, April 11 – This day of Halo week focuses on Spartan Ops. Players who complete any 5 missions in Spartan Ops will receive an exclusive Avatar tee.

Friday, April 12 – On the last day of Halo week, there will be a Halo 4 DLC sale. Here’s a list of what is part of the sale…

  • Halo 4 War Games Map Pass: 1600 Microsoft Points (Originally 2000 Microsoft Points)
  • Crimson Map Pack: 600 Microsoft Points (Originally 800 Microsoft Points)
  • Majestic Map Pack: 600 Microsoft Points (Originally 800 Microsoft Points)
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